Linke Property Conservation Easement


160 acres donated on November 12th, 2008.
Conservation Values protected:

  • Agricultural Open Space: The current landowner is a fourth generation rancher in Grand County whose great grandfather homesteaded the property in 1883. In the 1920’s to the 1940’s, iceberg lettuce was commercially grown on one of the parcels. During this time period, the area around Granby, Colorado was the center of commercial high altitude lettuce production. The name iceberg lettuce originated with lettuce grown in this high altitude, cold temperature region. Lettuce production in Grand County began to decline in the 1940’s due to competition from other areas of the country where lettuce could be grown at a lower cost. Now, the property is used for livestock hay production and pasture. The other parcel, which was bought by the landowner’s grandfather in the 1920’s and used for cattle and sheep grazing, is currently being used for cattle grazing.
  • Scenic Open Space: The public can view this property from County Road 55 over Cottonwood Pass and from the Arapaho National Forest and BLM lands that border the property and provide mountain biking, hiking, camping and hunting opportunities for the public. The property is undeveloped and very scenic, as it is surrounded by mountainous views of the Arapaho National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and the continental divide. The area surrounding the ranch is very open and undeveloped other than rural home sites. The property is adjacent to Arapaho National Forest, BLM lands and a conservation easement held by the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The property is habitat for the big game species of elk, mule deer and black bear. The property and surrounding area is deer and elk overall range, elk winter range, elk summer range and deer summer range.