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2007 year granted

45 acres

Conservation Values Protected

  • Scenic Open Space: The southern portion of the property is in Hamilton Creek Canyon; visitors driving along Hamilton Creek pass through a portion of the easement property. From the property are views of YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, James Peak, Vasquez Peak Wilderness including Stanley Mountain, the Fraser Experimental Forest including Byers Peak, Ptarmigan Peak, and Bottle Peak.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The property is part of two critical wildlife corridors. One is the Colorado River Flyway, used by birds migrating annually from lower elevation habitats as far away as South America, to the high-country nesting areas in the riparian areas on the property. The other is the Continental Divide area, designated as a critical dispersal route for Canada lynx. The property offers suitable foraging and potential lynx denning habitat as well as a forested riparian corridor allowing for lynx movement between high and lower elevation habitats. Hamilton Creek, which flows the property, provides excellent riparian and wetland habitats. Hamilton Creek is a perennial cold-water stream with a relatively high gradient channel and step-pool/cascade morphology.