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2007 year granted

37 acres

Conservation Values Protected

  • Agricultural Open Space: Starting in 2000, the original easement grantors, the Moores, harvested heartleaf arnica from the forest; just the flowers are collected as this enhances future plant growth and makes production sustainable. The flowers can be processed into salve and tinctures. While harvesting these flowers was not the property’s original agricultural use, conserving the property protects Grand County’s agricultural history as well as the passion many residents and visitors have for the bounty of natural resources in the area. Many other wildflowers and native flora grow on this property, making it a haven for Fraser Valley’s wildlife.
  • Scenic Open Space: This scenic property is located just off County Road 50, a popular road to access Arapaho National Forest for camping, hiking, biking, and exploring. Another CHLT conservation easement is nearby and much of the area remains minimally developed, providing a buffer between the growing towns of Fraser and Winter Park, and the national forest.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The easement protects habitat and migration corridors for many native wildlife species, including elk, moose, deer, bear, lion, and a bounty of birds and other critters. These stretches of undeveloped parcels allow for the animals to move freely between the high elevation forests to the north and west, and the lower-elevation forests, waterways, and meadows.