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2003 year granted

107 acres

Water rights encumbered

Conservation Values Protected

  • Agricultural Open Space: This property has always been used for agricultural purposes, as have most of the surrounding properties. The emphasis of the agricultural operation has varied between being primarily grazing pastures and hay production, and the property has been home to horses, cattle, and – currently – alpacas. Agriculture has been a core component of Middle Park since the first Europeans came to the area in the mid-19th century; it still holds great importance to many in the area as a cultural heritage, land management tradition, and a business. 
  • Scenic Open Space: The primary scenic features of the property are the unobstructed views of ranchlands in the Skunk Creek drainage up to Byers Peak to the west, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Grand County, and the view of the Continental Divide to the east. Another CHLT-held conservation easement is adjacent to the McCoy Easement, creating 137 contiguous acres of conserved land. The landowners also work closely together in their livestock and agricultural operations, further promoting the unity of Grand County and the great respect we have for our landscape, wildlife, agricultural heritage, and community.