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2015 year granted

230 acres

Conservation Values Protected

  • Agricultural Open Space: The property, located in the Williams Fork Valley, has been used for grazing livestock for many decades. By protecting the property with a conservation easement, the open space ranching heritage of the property and part of Grand County are preserved in perpetuity.
  • Scenic Open Space: The public can view this scenic open property from County Roads 3 and 373 and from the adjacent Arapaho National Forest, south of the property. The property is undeveloped ranch land with no structures and is adjacent to the Copper Creek Estate development as well as Colorado State Trust land.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The property provides key wildlife habitat for a diversity of species, including the greater sage grouse and bald eagle, mule deer, mountain lion, moose, elk, turkey, black bear, red fox, coyote, snowshoe hare, ptarmigan, marmot, porcupine and other small mammals, and birds of prey. Little Ute Ranch provides elk and mule deer summer and winter range, moose summer range, and overall range and a summer concentration area for black bear.