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2000 year granted

0.38 acres

The original easement grantor, Carolyn Hackman, passed away in 2012, and bequeathed the property to Colorado Headwaters Land Trust. This was the first gift of its kind to the land trust; the land trust sold the property in 2014 (retaining the conservation easement) and per Carolyn’s wishes put the income from the sale into two funds: one to be used by CHLT to continue to pursue its mission focus of protecting the land we love in Grand County, and the other to educate the schoolchildren of Grand County in land conservation and management, and to support those children who wish to carry such knowledge and appreciation into their adult years.

Conservation Values Protected

  • Scenic Open Space: The public can view this conservation easement from Shadow Mountain Reservoir and from the Town of Grand Lake. As a piece of natural beauty amongst the condominiums and large homes that populate the shore of Shadow Mountain Reservoir, this property has high scenic value. Along with the Arapaho National Recreation Area and Rocky Mountain National Park on the opposite shore of the lake, the Hackman Property serves to remind the observer of the original beauty of the area and why many still seek Grand Lake as a quiet and simple respite.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The property provides habitat for many small wildlife species who call this region home, including squirrels, chipmunks, pine martens, and a wide variety of high-elevation and water birds. It also serves as a small corridor to the lake for the occasional large mammal, such as elk, deer, bear, and lion. The easement reaches the lakeshore and protects the habitat of native fish and invertebrate species.