Parshall Divide Conservation Easement

Parshall Divide

314 acres donated October 27, 2006 and September 11, 2007.
Conservation Values Protected:

  • Scenic Open Space: The public traveling along the Colorado River Headwaters National Scenic and Historic Byway (U.S. 40) between Byers Canyon and the Town of Parshall will see most of this easement property. The property is located north side of the highway and on the mountain slopes north of the Colorado River, and can be viewed by the public fro County Road 20 along the property’s west boundary. This scenic easement includes a portion of the spectacular Byers Canyon and is adjacent to BLM lands, managed for wildlife, outdoor recreation and agricultural purposes, and to the Hot Sulphur Springs State Wildlife Area, which provides pubic recreation facilities.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The slopes above the Colorado River are vegetated with native plant communities, including riparian, mixed montane shrub land, and montane grassland habitats. These terrestrial ecosystems provide important habitat for native plants and wildlife: year-round range for the greater sage grouse, severe winter range and winter concentration area for mule deer and elk, overall range for black bear.