Heins Property Conservation Easement


30 acres donated December 28th, 2006 and December 29, 2015.
Water rights encumbered.
Conservation Values protected:

  • Scenic Open Space: The public sees this scenic property when traveling along County Road 519. This 30-acre easement is enhanced by an adjacent 107-acre easement by the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust.
  • Wildlife Habitat: This conservation easement protects the wildlife corridors that wild game currently uses to move between the forested areas of higher elevations to the south and east and the sagebrush, grasslands and streams found at lower elevations to the north. Skunk Creek flows through the property, providing riparian habitat for wildlife and for several species of grasses and forbs. According to the easement donor, the endangered boreal toad used to inhabit two ponds in the wetlands on the property.