Grand Lake Lodge Open Space Conservation Easement


14 acres donated December 21st, 2001.
Conservation Values Protected:

  • Scenic Open Space: This scenic property is located directly south of and adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the country’s first national parks and one of its most frequently visited national parks. People living in or visiting Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Reservoir benefit from the easement on this visible property with its sagebrush hillsides, aspen groves and pine forest. From the lodge on the property, visitors can enjoy the forest and open space which forms the foreground for the panoramas of Grand Lake, Mount Craig, Shadow Mountain Lake and the more distant peaks and valleys.
  • Wildlife Habitat: Deer and elk use this property for winter range and migration routes. There are seasonal wetlands and riparian areas on the property that act as natural water purifiers, hold soils and, with their mix of vegetative and microbial species, break down wastes and pollutants.