Curtis Ridge Conservation Easement

Curtis Ridge

329 acres donated June 14th, 2011.
Water rights are encumbered.
Conservation Values protected:

  • Agricultural Open Space: The current landowners use the property for grazing cattle as part of a larger cattle ranch property. From the time the property was homesteaded in the early 1900’s, it has been used continuously for livestock grazing.
  • Scenic Open Space: This scenic property, adjacent to a large conservation easement (over 4,000 acres) to the north and south, can be seen by the public from County Roads 3 and 34, and from the Arapaho National Forest located less than one mile east of the property and used on a regular basis by the public for mountain biking, hiking, camping and hunting. Some of the mountainous views that can be seen from the property include Williams Peak and the Williams Fork Mountains, the Vasquez Peak Wilderness and Byers Peak Wilderness, Elk Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Corral peaks, and the Arapaho National Forest. The property is undeveloped ranch land and there are no structures on the property other than fences and livestock water tanks.
  • Wildlife Habitat: The property provides habitat for the big game species of elk, mule deer, moose, mountain lion, pronghorn, white-tailed deer and black bear. There is a herd of over 200 elk that use the property. The property is also overall range for sage grouse, and a sage grouse production area. Mule deer fawning areas have been located on the property and elk calving areas have been located next to the property.