Baer Property Conservation Easement


1000 acres donated on June 25th, 2004
Conservation Values Protected:

  • Scenic Open Space: This scenic property is visible to the public from the Fraser River in the Fraser River Canyon, Amtrak National Rail Passenger Service (Union Pacific railroad), which runs along the Fraser River, and from adjacent BLM and Arapaho National Forest lands east of the property.
  • Wildlife Habitat: This large conservation easement is located on both sides of the Fraser River in the Fraser River Canyon between the Towns of Tabernash and Granby. Larger animals, such as black bear, mountain lion, mule deer, elk, and moose use the property as part of their larger home ranges and as an undeveloped corridor for wildlife movement. The property provides critical mule deer winter range and is habitat for a variety of smaller animals, including bobcat, pine marten, snowshoe hare, pine squirrel, northern pocket gopher, various species of mice and voles and 42 avian species, including wintering bald eagles along the Fraser River. The Fraser River is designated a Wild Trout Water by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, because it harbors self-sustaining populations of trout, including brook, rainbow and brown.